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My Brothers,

As I write to you this summer we look to the beginnings of a new Masonic year, and this month’s greeting should acknowledge the start of the that new year bringing forth a message of Masonic light. In researching this, I came across a website called, hosted by a group of Masons, with support from the Grand
Lodge of Ohio, who are interested in how Masonry can build better leaders. Their article is entitled, “New Year’s Leadership Resolutions

I found one passage particularly poignant. “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” – Peter Drucker.

As Junior Warden, I find the planning we need making sure our brothers are well fed and spread the cement of brotherly love during our collations is particularly daunting. However, I am also learning these plans are just good intentions if we do not work making them reality.

I am particularly blessed in having a dedicated and hardworking crew of Stewards and I would like to thank them all for the help they have already provided to me in the planning, organizing, and cleaning of our kitchen. We should not underestimate the value our collations bring, nor the hard work needed to achieve them.

The one lesson not imparted when I began this task is the sense of satisfaction in knowing our labors have made a difference. Having now managed two full collations, I can tell you there is a tremendous sense of pride in hard work, knowing we are taking care of our brothers and making our meetings a special evening. If you have not helped in the kitchen or think you need special training in cooking to take part, I can truly say you will be appreciated no matter your skills.

Part of why we all started on this Masonic journey was to find more Masonic light, to find greater enlightenment in our lives. What better way to develop this then by doing something you do not ordinarily do? Learn what it is working side by side with your brothers acquiring basic cooking skills and running a kitchen with great achievement and brotherly love. Light is where you find it my dear Brothers.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Br. William P Fenty III
Junior Warden




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