Greetings from the Corner Desk- January 2022

Dear Brothers, I have been moving books from home to my office. (At home, they pile up and annoy my wife; at the office, they pile up and nobody has any say in the matter!) One of them was my copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. This morning, it popped open to this: Waste no more time arguing what a […]

Greetings from the Corner Desk- December 2021

It is that time again; the time you have all been waiting for, dues time. If you have not yet received your dues notice, you will be soon. Jephtha’s dues are among the lowest on Long Island, but they are an essential part of our budget. Please pay them by the end of the year, if at all possible. (If […]

Greetings from the Corner Desk- November 2021

My Dear Brothers, I’m writing, this month, from Tucson, Arizona – it’s my first time in Arizona and I’m enjoying the beauty of the mountains (which remind me of Sicily), the warmth of the sun (which I know, as a New Yorker, I will not feel much in the coming months), and the beauty of incredible sunrises (which I rarely […]

Greetings from the Corner Desk- October 2021

Dear Brothers, As we embark on a new Masonic season, I’d like to take a few moments to offer a couple of quick reminders. Some of this will be “old news” to many of you; but Jephtha is an active and ever-growing lodge, and it is often better to hearsomething repeated than to never hear it at all: • Please […]



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