Greetings from the West – January 2022

My Dear Brothers, In November, I spoke to you of Fortitude in remembrance of Veterans Day. This January’s choice is Temperance, which is the virtue of moderation while being forgiving and patient. To me, with day-to-day stress, continual testing of our patience, increased road rage, and daily life elevated with uncertainty, Temperance is the perfect virtue to demonstrate self-control. It […]

Greetings from the West – December 2021

My dear Brothers, Growing up believing in Santa, and still believing in him, it has come to my realization he is indeed a Freemason. Like all of us he is worthy & well qualified, charitable, and caring of all mankind. Like me, he is overweight, and filled withsecrecy who meets in a special place with his brethren, his beloved elves. […]

Greetings from the West – November 2021

Dear Brothers, As we enter November, let us first give thanks to all the Veterans who, due to their Sacrifice and Fortitude, make it possible for all of us to be afforded the freedoms we have. One of these freedoms is the Right to Vote, so please don’t forget to cast your ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd. Let […]

Greetings from the West – October 2021

My Dear Brothers, I am both humbled and honored after attending the DSA award given to our Brother, W:. John B Lentinello, for all he has done for Masonry and mankind. He shows what being a Mason is truly about by being the best possible human being a person can be. This reminds me of the how the building of […]

Greetings from the West – September 2021

My Dear Brothers! Summer is coming to an end and activities at Jephtha Lodge will soon reconvene. I am looking forward to welcoming everyone back again to begin a new and exciting year. Despite COVID we were still able to have much success and brotherly love in our Lodge last year, thanks to WM Colonna and all the Brothers of […]



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