The Executive Committee of Jephtha Lodge has approved the establishment of The Jephtha Knights of the Square and Compass program for our Lodge. The Knights of the Square and Compass Service Award program is a means of recognizing members who actively participate in Lodge programs and Masonic sponsored events.

All members of the Lodge are eligible to become a Jephtha Knight of the Square and Compass by actively participating in the business, events and activities conducted or sponsored by the Lodge. Points are awarded for participation and upon receiving 500 points, a member is dubbed a Jephtha Knight of the Square and Compass, and presented with a special jewel, suspended from a black ribbon.

As additional points are acquired, four colored bars are suspended from the original jewel as follows: each additional 500 points earns a colored bar in the following order; red, white, and blue. At 2,500 a gold scroll ends the bars. For each additional 2,500 points earned the neck ribbon color will change in the following order: red, white, blue, purple, and red-white-blue. In addition, a Gold Square and Compass pin will be attached on the ribbon above the medallion.

We hope that this will be an incentive for both new and old members of the Lodge to become active. Record keeping for participation is one by signing in at various events. The following point structure shows how quickly a Brother can become a Knight. The first opportunity to earn points will be by attending the next regularly scheduled meeting.


EVENTS: (25 Points awarded for attending and/or participating):

  • Attending a scheduled Lodge Meeting
  • Attending a scheduled officers meeting
  • Attending a committee meeting
  • Attending the Annual District Deputy Visitation
  • Attending The Annual Holiday Festival
  • Attending The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival
  • Attending a degree rehearsal
  • Attending The Fall Dinner Festival
  • Attending a Masonic sponsored function or social event
  • Attending a Masonic workshop
  • Attending a special event or function which benefits Masonry


Sponsor of a new candidate into the Lodge 100 points
Payment of dues within one month 75 points
Payment of dues within two months 50 points
Payment of dues within three months 25 points


Elected officer 100 points
Appointed officer 50 points
Standing committee chairman 75 points
Work on a committee 50 points
Degree participation 25 points
○ Cast, properties, wardrobe, speaking parts add 25 points each
Other activities authorized by the Secretary 25 points
Participate in a called work party (1-3 hours) 25 points
Participate in a called work party (More than 3 hours) 50 points

Special acts and service appreciation points can be awarded to a Brother based on the discretion of the program chairman, for a Brother whose service to the Lodge goes far above and beyond the list above.

Extended Service: A member will become a Jephtha Knight of the Square and Compass, and be awarded a Basic Medallion with black ribbon after acquiring 500 points. After receiving the basic award, a member can continue to accumulate points and extended service recognition as follows:

500 points –  basic medallion with ribbon

1,000 points – red hanging bar

1,500 points – white hanging bar

2,000 points – blue hanging bar

2,500 points – gold hanging bar

5,000 points – medallion ribbon changed to red

7,500 points – medallion ribbon changed to white

10,000 points – medallion ribbon changed to blue

15,000 points – Gold Square and Compass attached to ribbon

20,000 points – Red, white, and blue ribbon. End of awards.

General Guidelines: Award points are accumulated on a calendar year basis. The cut-off date is January 1st each year. The award will normally be presented at a following Meeting or Awards Ceremony. Participants should keep a schedule of the events they attended and submit a copy of the schedule to the Secretary on a quarterly basis, but no later than December 31st. Names for points in qualifying events received after that date will be accredited to the next year.



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