Fayette Gould (March 1824- Dec. 31, 1906)
Worshipful Master:
1881, 1882, 1883
Masonic Career: Raised as Master Mason, 1864
Machinist. Watchmaker. Jeweler in the “Empire Block” on Main Street. Huntington Post Master (1865). Huntington Fire Department.
Inventor and owner of five patents:
– U.S. Patent 21,193 on August 17, 1858 for a “Lock”
– U.S. Patent 23,564 on April 12, 1859 for “Calipers” (measurement)
– U.S. Patent 177,935 on May 30, 1876 for “Improvement in Steering Apparatus” (for vessels)
– U.S. Patent 207,733 on September 3, 1878 for “Improvement in Rowlocks”
– U.S. Patent 272,541 on February 20, 1883 for a “Speaking-Tube Attachment”
Residence: 5 Park Ave, Huntington, NY (1900).
Bio: Born in Huntington. Wife-Mary A. Gould (1836-1909). Son-Edward E. Gould. Stairway, which adjoined the Suffolk Hotel parlor, led to rooms used by Gould & Fancher, as a photo studio, only photographer in Huntington at the time. Photo studio later occupied by F.H. Lockwood, then J.V. Feather. Good musician and constructed pipe organs. Choir Master of Central Presbyterian Church. Moved to Flushing, Queens, NY around 1903.
Interred in Huntington Rural Cemetery.

Scientific American article, December 18, 1858 on Fayette Gould’s first patent.
Fayette Gould article, 1898
Fayette Gould article, 1900

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