Masonic Jewel

Dear Brothers,

As we embark on a new Masonic season, I’d like to take a few moments to offer a couple of quick reminders. Some of this will be “old news” to many of you; but Jephtha is an active and ever-growing lodge, and it is often better to hear
something repeated than to never hear it at all:

• Please remember, whenever possible, we prefer not to use cash. Jephtha is a busy lodge with a broad range of activities, this is one of the many ways we try to limit our liability and ensure that everything is accounted for accurately. Almost everything at Jephtha can be paid for online, by check, or by credit card. (If you’d like to pay for the
bar or collation by credit card or check, that is possible; just find me before or after a regular meeting.)

• Don’t forget the Grand Lodge of New York no longer provides yearly dues cards. As of a few years ago, all Master Masons have been issued permanent cards. If you lost yours or need a replacement, please let me know. (If you are an Entered Apprentice of Fellowcraft, you will receive your card after your third degree.)

• We currently have 76 individuals listed as having not paid their 2021 dues. If you are uncertain if you are among those 76, or if you find yourself in a financially precarious position, please talk to me or one of your officers and we will figure something out! (As a side note, 2022 dues notices will go out in late November or early December. If you are an Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft, this does not apply to you; you will only be responsible for annual dues after you are raised to Master Mason).

• You may have noticed the Ritual Book has gone through a number of iterations over the past decade. If you are interested in a current copy of the ritual, let me know; they are $30.

• If you have changed address, email, or phone numbers over the past few years, please let me know your updated information so that I can update the database. It is essential that we keep everything up to date – especially email addresses. Summons and official communications are almost all sent digitally now. If you want to check what information we have, please contact me or catch me before or after a regular meeting.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or updates by email or phone/text/WhatsApp

Grace and peace,
Tim TenClay, Secretary




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