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Happy holidays and a happy new year!

Greetings from the west my Brothers. I know you are reading this in January with the opening of the new year and the holidays are now in the rear view mirror. I am, however, writing this missive at the opening of the holiday season and feel compelled to write about them as a reminder to all Brothers of the core tenants of Freemasonry – Faith, Hope and Charity.

Faith – May you always have Faith. Faith there is a Great Architect of the Universe, and He is a God that loves us and will do what is ever best for us even if we can’t see Him or understand Him. A child doesn’t always understand why a parent does certain things, but like a child, we must have Faith in our Father, that He is guiding us and doing what is best for us, much the way a child has Faith in his parent.

Hope – May you always have Hope. Hope this new year will be a good one, that all we dream of, that our wants and desires will somehow fit into the plan of the Great Architect of the Universe. With the start of the new year, I hope for all of us, we understand and remember that as we are Loved, so should we Love others.

Charity – May Charity always fill our hearts. CHARITY IS LOVE IN ACTION. We are tested by the Great Architect of the Universe, by our very moral code, to Love one another. Charity being Love in action is how we show one another that very Love. It is often thought of as giving material things – food, money, coats, and toys. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, in the unrelenting focus on the material during the season, don’t forget, my Brothers, Charity is also the intangible – giving the benefit of the doubt, giving forgiveness for our Brothers’ transgressions, and by adopting a Charitable outlook for those who are being difficult. Charity and Brotherly Love is being kind even when the other person doesn’t necessarily deserve it. It does not have to be sticking our hands in our pockets to offer a monetary reward. It is also putting pride on the shelf, putting others first, turning the other cheek.

My Brothers, I hope your holiday season is a joyous one, full of wonder and excitement. May this new year be filled with happiness and good health. I hope for my Brothers we all find ways to experience the Love of the Great Architect of the Universe and we can share that very Love with all our Brothers, our families, and the larger family, the human race.

Wishing you Faith, Hope and Charity this holiday season and in the new year,
Br. Bill Fenty III, Senior Warden



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