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My Dear Brothers

September kicked off the new Masonic year overflowing with brotherly love. Jephtha’s first stated communication welcomed brothers from all districts to congratulate W:. John B. Lentinello on receiving the Dedicated Service Award.
My brothers, DSA is considered the highest achievement in Masonry, and we are proud to have another DSA Jephtha Brother among us. Special thanks to R:. W:. Kevin McCauley for reading the Proclamation of the DSA Award and W:. Jack Dowling, DSA for presenting the DSA apron to W:. John B. Lentinello. In addition to our brothers, their
partners were also present to celebrate this prestigious achievement with W:. John B. Lentinello.

The celebrations continued as Jephtha Lodge hosted a Master Mason Degree party at Piccola Bussola Restaurant on September 18th, 2021, for the 16 Master Masons raised in November 2020. The COVID pandemic prevented the usual schedule of having a party immediately following the Third Degree. The celebration was organized by Br. Steve Schenker and consisted of delicious food and a live band. We were pleased to see the partners of our newly raised brothers attending. The evening was filled with love and family, and it showed to all present what Masonry is and what it represents

On the evening of September 27, 2021, eight Brothers were passed to the Fellowcraft Degree: Br. Richard Arthur, Br. Syed Asad MD, Br. Richard Gentile, Br. Douglas Henningsen, Br. Gunnar Herbert, Br. William Rivas, Br. Brian Schulbaum and Br. Stephen Vogel. Congratulations to all the new Jephtha Fellowcraft Brothers for a job well done and to all the Brothers who worked so diligently to create a beautiful and meaningful evening.

In the continuation of involving family during our Masonic year, partners will be welcome to our collations on the first meeting of every month. Jephtha Lodge meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month, excluding holidays, and collation usually begins at 7 PM ET. Please inform your partners to mark the second Monday on their calendars as a day to come down and meet our brethren. I believe it’s extremely important to let our families know who we are and what we are a part of.

I look forward to creating more wonderful memories for all our Brothers and our families.

Happy Columbus Day to all. Please be well and take care.

Sincerely & Fraternally Yours,
W:. Jeremiah Campbell




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